The top 3 budget friendly Airbnbs in NZ

If you’ve explored this website at all, you’ve probably seen that I love me some airbnbs. I spend hours pouring over lodging for each place I visit- reading reviews, looking through photos, and just visualizing how the location will affect my itinerary. I generally prioritze uniqueness and value so with that- here’s the top 3 amazing airbnbs in New Zealand that are all well under $100 US a night!

Best on the North Island

This may- in fact be the best airbnb experience we’ve ever had- anywhere in the world. The home is located about 15 minutes outside of National Park village on the north island of NZ in a prime spot for hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. National Park village itself is really quite small with only a handful of lodges, restaurants, and a train station- so there’s really no reason to stay in town.

Amenities: This airbnb is a standalone apartment that does share the property with the owner’s home. It has its own entrance and doesn’t share any walls with the home, so it still feels very private. It comes with:

  1. a comfortable queen size bed
  2. wood burning stove for heating in the winter
  3. loft with an additional futon
  4. good sized kitchen and eating area and included toast, jams and butter, yogurt, milk, great coffee and tea, and several small sweets
  5. private bathroom
  6. private outside deck
  7. washer and dryer if needed
  8. 7 acres of beautiful farm land to explore including a hammock space, fruit trees, and several small creeks
  9. Smart TV with netflix hookups
  10. Best of all- it has its own private spa/ hot tub outside under the stars and they even have robes for you to use for going in and out

Honestly we spent 2 nights here and I could’ve stayed forever. The hosts were so friendly and accommodating. They even took us on a tour of the property and we got to meet their super friendly donkeys! You could see the tops of Tongariro National Park’s volcano peaks but the views of the surrounding ridge lines and fields were the amazing enough. For my drone footage of the property, click here.

To stay at this incredible airbnb, you can book here.

The best airbnb on the south island of NZ

This airbnb wins awards for having incredible architecture, wildlife, and views all wrapped up in one. It’s an easy 5-10 minute drive outside of Queenstown along the beautiful Glenorchy road and situated in some of the prettiest countryside in the area. The room itself has warm welcoming colors and is very comfortable. Amenities at this home include:

  1. a VERY comfortable queen bed with luxurious bed linens
  2. small breakfast necessities such as a mini fridge, coffees and teas, toaster, set of dishes
  3. Massive bathtub and gold headed shower in a bathroom with a skylight
  4. Did I mention how interesting the overall architecture of the place is?
  5. a paddock full of Disney level friendly deer right outside your room.

While the host was a little more aloof at this property, she did go over maps of nearby trails we could walk and other points of interest nearby. The property actually has 2 airbnbs available to rent (this room being the cheaper of the 2) and a home attached. We spent a very rainy 3 days in Queenstown and we loved being able to retreat to this mountain lodge. Feeding the deer was also a highlight of our entire trip.

To book this property, visit here

Bonus great airbnb for the north island:

As far as amenities and convenient location go, this airbnb doesn’t quite stack up to the previous 2, but what it does win at is insane views and wonderful hosts. It’s located in the very small seaside village of Whangapoua near New Chums Beach on the Coromandel, NZ. It’s about an hour drive from Cathedral Cove and hot water beach which are 2 much more thriving beach side towns. Its views however are unmatched and if you’ve ever wondered what staying in a shipping container would be like- here’s your chance.

The view from right outside the front door and from the communal kitchen

The airbnb includes:

  1. a full size outdoor covered kitchen
  2. private ensuite bathroom
  3. killer views from every angle
  4. an incredible beach less than 5 minutes drive away

To book a stay at this airbnb, visit here.

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