Peru at a Glance:

Known most popularly for Machu Picchu, Peru is one long country with a LOT more to offer- from diving into the diverse rain forest (hello Amazon!), surfing sand dunes in a vast desert, surfing the big waves at the beach, trekking the highest mountain range in the Western hemisphere, and of course exploring ancient Inca ruins- this country has something to offer any adventurous spirit. On top of that,  with tours easy to find and book, lodging and food cheap commodities, why not find yourself in Peru? 

Is it safe?

In general, yes! But like travelling in any larger cities, petty crime can be common so travelers should be wary and vigilant in protecting their valuables. It helps to speak Spanish for getting around and being aware of your surroundings, and if in doubt- just book a tour. 

Best time to visit:

In general, it’s best to book your trip between May- October during Peru’s dry season. The shoulders are risky and if visiting during the rainy season, your treks run the risk of being cancelled due to unsafe conditions not to mention mountain views may be too cloudy to enjoy. The dry season is also good for treks in the Amazon as the mosquito population is somewhat reduced (though still worth mentioning) 

* If you plan on doing an Amazon RIVER trip, best book in the wet season or in the shoulder (May) in order to ensure the rivers are high enough for boating tours. 

Currency: Peruvian Sole 

Language: Spanish 

What to pack? 

You can find my packing list here. For lower levels trips, plan for humid to coastal weather. If you are visiting Cuzco, plan for colder nights at high elevations and bring some warm clothing. 

Top things to see: 

  1. Machu Picchu 
  2. The Sacred Valley 
  3. The Inca or Salkantay Trail 
  4. Cusco City
  5. The Amazon Rainforest 
  6. Rainbow Mountain
  7. Maras Salt Mine 
The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley

  The Sacred Valley     What is a trip to Peru without a visit to the famous Sacred Valley? About as important a visit as seeing the top wonder of the World, Machu Picchu, the many sites and towns along the Urubamba (sacred) river are a must see. Preferrably ...
Cusco city guide

Cusco city guide

CUSCOOOOOOO   I literally can’t read Cusco without singing it in my head exactly as it is sung in the Emperor’s New Groove. ( In fact I quoted/ sung a lot of parts from that movie throughout this trip) Cusco is hands down and incredibly beautiful, historic city. This city ...