Iceland at a glance

Iceland: land of fire and ice. There’s likely no truer statement of any place I’ve visited. For most outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, Iceland is a bucket list dream destination. Between stunning waterfalls, black sand beaches, geysirs, lava rock, and glaciers- Iceland has it all and as a landscape enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit (regardless of getting rained on 80% of the time)

Is it safe?

Yes, Iceland is actually considered the world’s safest country. It has the lowest crime index anywhere. Just be smart in regards to the weather.

Best time to visit:

*For the best weather, visit June-early September. However this is also peak season so it will be crowded and more expensive.

*Consider visiting in May, or mid-late September for the best of both worlds. Lower crowds and cost- a chance at seeing the Northern lights, and decently lengthy days for sight seeing. The changes of rainy weather are higher, but your change of rain anytime of year is high.

*Visit in winter for the Northern lights and to see everything frozen over, but be warned daylight is only 6 hours so you will not have much time for experiencing nature.


English is widely spoken and understood. In some places, Icelandic is also spoken but we had no issues communicating anywhere around the country.

Currency: Icelandic Krona

Best way to get around:

There is very little public transport and tours can be expensive. My top recommendation would be to go with 2-3 other people and split the cost of a rental car. Driving in Iceland is very easy.

Top things to do:

  1. Experience the Golden Circle
  2. Swim between 2 tectonic plates
  3. Soak in a blue lagoon
  4. Drive around the Snæfellsnes Peninsula
  5. Drive the entire ring road
  6. Take a Glacier tour
  7. Ride the incredible unique Icelandic horse
  8. Tour the country’s most beautiful waterfalls
  9. Bar hop in downtown Reykjavik
  10. Visit an iceberg lagoon
Iceland 9 day Itinerary

Iceland 9 day Itinerary

Iceland 9 Day Itinerary    I’m writing ...
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Iceland: Hiking Glymur

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Exploring Northern Iceland

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Exploring the volcanic area that is North Iceland

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Driving from Höfn to Mývatn – fjords and blue lagoons

Driving from Höfn to Mývatn – fjords and blue lagoons

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