So this past Monday I turned 23! WHAT! Suddenly I’m starting to feel very old! Anyways I forgo my typical camping tradition in order to spend the day with my family and they sure made it great!

First off in the day was a delicious lunch at Chuckarama where we stuffed ourselves to the brim! Then onto Kevin and Koris to just hang out and digest for a bit.

My sweet friend from work Stacey was out shopping and found these adorable wood buoy things you can hang and bought them for my deck! First present I’ve received from a friend in a longggg time!

Then since I forgo camping, we went on a hike up Battle Creek Falls. I brought the boys to run and the kids all wore swimming suits so we could play in the water! Jenna, Haley, and Logan wasted no time getting right under the falls! lol We spent a while at the base of the falls and then hiked up to follow the creek for some more good spots.

I love the views down the canyon once you get high above the falls. This really is one of my favorite all time hikes.

We settled on some smaller falls for our second little swimming hole. The water was cold but since the day was so hot we had a blast getting splashed by the falls in my case… or sitting in them like the kids did 😛

It had a decent current to it… lol

Logan showing off some muscle !

Lauri standing miserable at the top… she got wet at the earlier falls but certainly didn’t enjoy this hike as much as the rest of us…

About as much wet as I ventured… my legs got spashed but my butt remained dry and thats what counts.

And finally the kids all sitting in the stream just before we started our hike back down! What a fun hike!!!

To cap off the bday adventures we had a wonderful dinner of hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit and corn! (my favorite meal… seriously) Relaxed outside as a family and got an ice cream cake which ive been craving forever!! YUMMMY!
Oh and to the right you’ll see one of the very pretty flowers that are blooming on my little bush in my front yard garden. I had no idea what that plant really was when we moved in so I was stoked to find these on my bday!

Tuesday we continued the extravaganza with spending a few hours at the Provo pool, dinner at Zupas, and then onto see Inside Out for $5 tuesdays! Everything except the movie was fantastic!

Sorry you inside out lovers.. but I was extremely disapointed. One… I cried almost the entire time… I mean I knew it was going to be emotional but you couldn’t add a little more humor or.. or something?? two: it was actually kind of boring on top of being sad… like all the funny parts are shown in the previews and you really just hope the movie is almost over after it starts… Definitely not one I’d care to see again. Movie goers and Disney fanatics be warned…

Well that caps off my weekend! Now just to survive another short work week so I can spend more time with the Fam!

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