So Sunday was my dad’s last day in town before heading back to Texas and we really only had till about 2 since his flight was leaving around then. We decided to spend the morning up in SLC waiting for it so after eating a nice breakfast at McDonalds we settled on visiting Heritage Park/ “This is the Place.”

 We enjoyed walking around/ sitting on/ climbing on some of the larger monuments for a while and in an attempt to kill time, we walked around the gift shop just long enough to not make it worth it to actually pay the entrance fees to the park itself… so we spent another hour walking around/ sitting on/ climbing on the monuments. lol

 My personal favorite turned out to be this giant horse as part of the Pony Express Memorial. The metal was insanely hot on the top and I watched a couple people climb up the first enjoying a few laughs. Finally I worked up the courage to hoist up my skirt as far as modestly possible before climbing up myself.

I must say I was prob the most graceful of the bunch as well.

 Jenna and Braden hanging out. Glad he got some “quality time” with my Dad and family before they head back.

 Even my dad climbed up there! We were all pretty impressed by that but he was the most suited for it with long denim pants on!

 Braden climbed up 🙂

 Jenna demonstrating how hot it was up there.. lol she was the most vocal about it. Amol also climbed up but I didn’t get any pictures of him.

All in all it was a fun day. Braden and I ended up heading home and actually taking a nap before meeting up with everyone else back at Kevin and Koris for dinner. I’m glad I got to spend more time with my Dad this year but it is too bad it’s never all that long! Can’t wait for my next trip home!

 Also this week in random photos, Jordan gave us all really cool Henna tattoos! I got this pretty flower on my wrist and then a really cool sun on the top of my foot! The kids got their names and sports things and my mom also got a sun on her wrist! SO fun!

 I also finally got to put my new Birthday present to use! Braden got me this beautiful ceramic dutch oven for my birthday! I wanted it specifically so I could make crusty bread and lo and behold! I made crusty bread and it was easy as pie! I’ll tell you what! Easiest bread EVER. I’ll post recipes once I really hammer down what I like 🙂

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