On Monday we did the annual trek to SLC via the Front runner! Glad I got to attend this year! It’s a steal to take the front runner in large groups and get the group pass, we paid $10 for 4 people to ride anywhere ALL. DAY. LONG. One person may pay up to like $7 for a one way ticket.. ridiculous the group pass is the way to go! BUT disclaimer.. it only becomes available after 10 AM… so morning commuters you’re out of luck… sorry.

We rode it up and our first stop was…. The Clark Planetarium!

 I’d never actually been here but we stopped in to use their toilets and spent about an hour just exploring all the free exhibits! Like this one… We all hopped on the Moon!

My other favorite involved a heat sensor. You’d put your hand down on a hot or cold plate and then down on hot or cold shapes then hold them up to the sensor and you’d have a shape in the middle of your hand! (favorites were a paw print and an eye!!! )

 We also made the madatory tour about Temple Square and the North Visitor’s center… taking pictures like fiends every where we went and disrupting everyone’s spiritual experiences with our ruckus.

 A picture of the cute youngest boys in the group! We love trains!

 We also spent some time shopping and strolling about City Creek Center… Always need a good bottom photo for the vacation photo package.

 Us ladies (minus mom and the little girls) in front of the conference center. 🙂

 And more pictures with the fountains in City Creek 🙂

 What else are you going to do on the moon?

 Disturbing the peace with masses of children in the visitor’s center…

 And to end our tour we headed over to the old City Hall building and SLC Library! I love this picture with the old building in the background 🙂

 And of course we had to go ONTOP of the library.. and yes its open to visitors all day. 🙂 I love it up there. This was a great discovery from one of my Urban Hikes I go on.

 A couple more pictures on temple grounds for the books…

 I love SLC. Every time I visit I ask myself why I don’t drive up more often! It’s so fun to walk and  tour around and there’s plenty to do for free!

A pretty great day all in all. 🙂

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