Monday night I went to an old friend from Kneaders wedding up just East of SLC on the road to Park City. Braden had to work unfortunately but luckily my other Kneader friend was going so I hitched a ride and we had a spledid time!

 The location was GORGEOUS. It’s called Loulound Falls. As you pull up it’s on a pretty steep hill but they had free valet parking so once you made it up the rest of the hill you faced stunning mini falls. Then if you continued up past the main reception area and up the stone stairs you end up at the most stunning water fall area. Plus it give you a chance to escape some of the standard reception awkwardness and explore for a bit!

 This is the view looking out with your back to the falls! So gorgeous and it’s I-80 that runs along through that canyon. It’s a peaceful quiet retreat while barely being outside the city and civilization!

 Unfortunately I missed the actual wedding ceremony but isn’t the backdrop amazing! Talk about dropping the “I do’s” in one beautiful backdrop!

And through the rest of the reception area and walkways are these great little mini falls and creeks.

 We had a grand ol’ time exploring!

My friend planned a spectacular wedding and honestly I was there taking notes the whole time! After the ceremony, all the white chairs were folded up and lawn games replaced them on the soft green grass. Brett and I explored all our options from ring toss (which we were both terrible at.. nothing was waited enough) bean bag toss, lawn tic tac toe, and my personal favorite… Ladder golf! And everything was so tasteful with their wedding colors!
Then they had a beautiful array of tables with rustic center pieces. Great music and Cafe Rio catering! Also they had a large inside area and the roof was drapped in that “parachute” style which I find gorgeous and very romantic! And they had brown paper bags for things for kids to sit at tables, a soft serve machine with toppings and syrups, lemonade, and their good bags were individually wrapped smores that said “Sending you S’more love.” Guys it was a fantastic wedding! Congrats to my friends Scharla and Tyler! 

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