Monday morning/ afternoon Jenna and I also finally got our girls day in! I met my mom at Mcdonalds for breakfast and picked her up. Then we watched Cinderella at my house and thought we should go on a nice sisterly run and swim at the pond!

Well it HAD been a lovely morning but the wind had picked up and there was a ton of dust in the air and honestly it was bit gross…
Well we chanced it anyways and headed down to the pond and it WAS windy.. but empty! We practically had the place to ourselves and hey the wind wasn’t blowing dust around down here at least!

So we ran prob 2ish miles around the pond and neighborhoods and then we were all ready for a swim even Ollie! Or so we thought…

Ollie plunges right into the water to cool off. Lays down in it even and walks around but for some reason he CANNOT swim. Like it’s the saddest struggle I’ve ever seen. Luckily I got Jenna to snap a few photos. Essentially even in 3 feet water where he could practically stand his but sinks so that he’s vertical in the water and his front legs are doing all the work. HE PANICS. He was just about jumping on me but even when I tried to hold him he was thrashing still… I came away with some pretty nice bruises.

So we called it a day on swimming for Ollie and Jenna and I enjoyed a relaxing swim with having the pond completely to ourselves!

And Ollie stood watch by his tree. He was much happier on land.

I also got a photo in of Jenna floating out there on her own. This pond is gorgeous and man is it great for swimming! It gets about 15 feet deep and for the most part clean and an amazing temperature!

After that we wen’t home and got cleaned up, grabbed lunch at In n out burger and then headed to Kevin and Koris so we could hang out with the rest of the family for a bit before I had to go to my friend’s wedding. All in all a great day with my little sis! 🙂

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