Tuesday was our hiking day! We started off with Big Springs up Provo Canyon so I could bring the dogs and since it’s close. Alas I didn’t get any pictures and unfortunately they were doing a lot of construction further up the trail… so we didn’t get to hike up as far as I hoped but it was still a really pleasant morning!

We got ourselves a fine lunch at Cafe Rio and then hung out for a while during the hotter part of the afternoon. Once evening rolled around the Jen, Jordan, mom, and I headed up to the Living Room hike in SLC since they haven’t seen that one before either! It’s about 2.5 miles up and not too steep but still a steady climb.

My mom was a rock start conquered it in pretty good time even with a bad hip! Seriously she constantly amazes me with how active she can be even while dealing with a terrible hip.

We made it to the top and tried out a few of the “seats” while enjoying the view! We had excellent weather!

And not too mention a gorgeous sunset for the hike down!

It was a fun day hiking and experiencing two very different trails and spending more time with my family on their last week in town! I can’t believe this adventure is coming to an end after 3 weeks!

AND we had to have at least one picture doing the Jenna signature pose!

And to top off this day of exercise we gorged at Iceberg with Giant ice creams and onion rings! It was a great day!

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