This post is dedicated to my Grandpa Charles Meyers who passed away early Thursday morning this week. The two photos attached to this post were taken at my wedding over 4 years ago. I know he was a great man, intelligent (very intelligent the man had a couple doctorates) and very kind. He brought up one of the best dads I could ever ask for as well. Growing up we spent a lot more time with my mom’s family since they were closer (and as far as being a little kid goes.. a little more fun) so I didn’t get to know him as well as I should’ve. I certainly wish I had spent more time when I was younger, appreciating the history and stories he could tell me. The two years we lived in Texas was the most I spent with them and unfortunately I hardly remember anything from that time, just snippets of vacation or school or my friends. When asked if there were any special memories I had with my Grandpa, I so wish I could say “I love how he always used to say this” or “do this” or just anything. In the past couple of years where I’ve wisened up (and frankly where I just remember things) My grandpa has been unwell phsyicaly and mentally. After my wedding the last time I saw him was  Christmas time 2013 and he hardly recognized who I was. It’s hard now trying to remember the relationship I had with him. I certainly know he had the same great humor and laughter as my dad. (I mean just look at the picture below!) We learned that he had double Kidney failure last Sunday night and would have less than 2 weeks or so to live. I haggled with my mind on whether I would return home or not. I thought I owe it to my grandpa and myself to remember him and heck learn more about him but at the same time the memorial was being held way before I could even make it down there. So I’ll resort to just conversation with my dad I think and learn that way. I wish I’d had more time with my Grandpa, but I know the last couple of years have been very hard on him with his memories quickly disappearing and being in and out of hospitals for various health causes. I’ll miss you Grandpa and I feel your loss more that I realized I would. RIP.

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