YAY here’s to my first outing in the High Uintas! We went with some friends on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in August and while it wasn’t warm enough to get in the water! It was perfect for a picnic and exploring!

1st and only stop was Provo River Falls… I know what you’re thinking.. is that near Provo? NO! It’s in the HIGH uintas. Meaning way up past Heber and Kamas. Quite the ways if you ask me which is why I have yet to go back but… one of these days I’ll be back with my boys!

The falls just kept going although these are probably the main ones. They look manmade you say? Well they’re not! Nature is beautiful! Get outside!

You could follow the river miles  and never cease to have beautiful cascades and waterfalls at your side. Seriously if you haven’t already.. make the drive.

These were the lower falls. We crossed a little in front of them to go explore the other side.. and that water was coldddd!

And of course I had to hang my feet over an edge at some point. I’d say I found a pretty great spot if I do say so myself 🙂

Above: see me over there? ya danging my feet!

Right: and again with the main falls in the back ground. You can keep going up and there’s a ton more falls and cascades to see! So of course we did!

All in all I loved this area and will definitely be back to do some more hiking and picnicing at this spot in the future!

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