Whew so we’re going to skip the cruise for a bit and just move on to my road trip with some friends to St. George!

1st stop? the Kayenta Trail otherwise known as Hell’s Hole!

This is a spectacular area outside of any park and free! You get great red rock views without the crowds? Need you want more?

The start of the trail is a bit tricky to find as the roads are narrow and there’s a small parking area at the bottom of the wash on Taviawk Drive. Essentially though you follow the grand wash all the way in.

I love how tall these beautiful red cliffs are! It’s about a 3 mile in, 3 mile out trip and at certain points of the year there’s a waterfall that cascades into the wash.

While we didn’t see a waterfall,we did see a little pond with water (must be the season)

This rock formation was definitely my favorite.

Oh ya.. and this became the theme of the trip as my friend Alicia was hiking with her boyfriend Kevin… and I was missing my Braden so I just had to hug it out in one of the more romantic photo spots.

And of course we all had take our pictures just above the “pond”

We started the day off with an amazing breakfast at the Egg and I in St. Geroge and then this beautiful hike! Next up one my biggest bucket list hikes: Kanarraville Falls!

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