Finally got one of my big bucket list hikes done! Kanarraville Creek/ Falls!

This one is just north or Kolob Canyon and costs a $10 parking fee which goes to porter potties (which I was grateful for) and maintenance of the trail.

For years I’ve heard so many amazing things about this trail and I was just ready to do it so I’m glad we had time on this trip! We were chased by rain almost all weekend but luckily it never did sprinkle on us on this trip.

You start off with a slight climb up into the canyon itself. Once you reach the creek the trail pretty much is the creek. You can walk in and out of the water but wear water shoes. ALSO be warned that this water was COLD! It kind of hurts your feet after a while even…

To the right: is one of the first of many creek crossings we made. I love the mountain behind me!

Then you enter sort of a wider canyon which is beautiful with towering walls, holes in the rock to explore, and of course plants!

Ah the first of many little falls!

And finally you get to the first SLOT canyon! It’s narrow and completely in the water!  I would do this hike even without the waterfalls because hiking through a narrow/ tall slot canyon in the water is SO cool. (seriously forget about the narrows… you have to hike a long way to get to this narrow of a canyon)

And then you get to the first ladder! Climb on up and continue on.. the best picture spot is yet to come.

We took lunch at this little falls spot! It was really peaceful and relaxing and we almost determined to turn around thinking we’d seen it all but luckily the other guy in our group ran on ahead to check and lo and behold: SLOT CANYON #2!

Thank goodness we continued on cause this is the spot where photographer’s dreams come true! We climbed up the ladder to take a look but after that headed back since we were losing daylight and our feet really did hurt from the cold water.

This trail is about 4.8 miles round trip and you’ll want to plan for 2-3 hours.. Depending on how busy it is you may be bottlenecking as everyone tries to get their pictures by the falls. Also you CAN take your dogs! We even saw a group with their little dog but I wouldn’t recommend a big dog as they wouldn’t be able to get up the ladder (seriously they’re slippery metal rungs… ) but a little dog you could pick up or put in your  pack would make it just fine!

It was a great day of hiking and adventure so thank you Alicia for inviting me along!

Next up: the capstone of our trip and quintessential of all water hikes: The SUBWAY.

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