On to the next adventure. As always during the second week of October (around the 11-13th) Braden and I do our Stewart Falls hike! This was our 3rd year going and was just before we got… engaged! (more to come on that later!)

The temperature was perfect fall and the colors were starting to fade away with late fall temperatures. This year I was a little disappointed to find the upper falls wimpy… (I mean just look in this picture!) But the lower falls were still glorious! And still this is one of my favorite hikes ever!

And of course we climbed up to explore the little pool in the middle and hung out for a while! It was a great anniversary of our very first date! (I call it the “friendship anniversary” as it was also the first time we ever hung out and lead to the best friend I ever had!)

We finished off a great hike with amazing pizza and relaxing at home! 🙂

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