Also this Fall we made the wonderful discovery that Monty is a really great swimmer! Especially when ducks are involved! I never really thought he liked the water too much (kind of like Ollie he would get in the water up to like his tummy to cool off and get a drink but thats it) and one day we were strolling around the pond near our house and.. he SWAM! It was kind of a chilly day so no one was around and I know how much they love to chase ducks so we let them off their leashes. Braden and I were just strolling along and all the sudden I hear this huge splash behind us. I turn around and Monty is LITERALLY in the middle of this pond like way out there in pretty deep water chasing the ducks. It was so cute watching his little head bob above the water after the ducks, I mean he tried SO HARD. After about 5 minutes I started to worry he’d tucker out and I’d have to go to the rescue.. that water was not warm my friends. But he chased them out there not one time, not two times, but 3 times! Seriously underestimated this boy’s love of ducks. It was awesome!

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