And now finally for my big news! (sorry it’s taken so long) but Braden and I are engaged!!
A little history:
Met: September 2013 (1st date was October 12)
Were best friends for a couple months (I’m not even kidding a girl couldn’t ask for a better friend. He even watched my dogs for me while I went home for Christmas!)
Officially started dating when we went on our “second 1st date” on Valentine’s Day 2014. We went to this awesome little restaurant in downtown Provo called Station 21 where we got bottled sodas and fried chicken with waffles.

I don’t think I’ve ever been around someone who knows me so completely. I don’t have to be anyone but myself. When I posted the picture to the left I had this cheesy quote of how he’s the only person who knows the song in my heart and it is true as can be! He can sing it back to me at this point!

And I can’t even express how much I love and care for Braden! He completes me in areas I may struggled (as in chilling out instead of trying to control every single little detail.) and he knows when I may seem a bit over bearing that I just care… probably a little too much and he tells me! He has nothing but love for my dogs, I mean… he might (MIGHT) even love them as much as I do. And it never ceases to warm my heart when we see a dog out without owners nearby and he asks if I want to pick it up and find its home. I love his support, his gentle nature, and I’m not going to lie he’s about as handsome as they come. I just can’t get enough and I’m excited for forever with him!

NOW: To talk about the proposal… I.. will have to admit I may have been a bit… pressuring. I mean we’d talked about it for a while and I knew it had to happen soon so I may gotten even a little impatient… But (that’s enough about my flaws, let’s talk about Braden’s strength of being totally perfect!)

We had been going on a fair amount of hikes since it was Fall and
well hello Utah fall is gorgeous! And one more I really wanted to go on a morning hike instead of doing our normal workout at the gym! Soooo we planned on doing one of the first hikes we ever did: Dry Canyon… but I overslept and unforuntately we didn’t have enough time to drive down there and it’s a little longer of a hike. So we ended up at Battle Creek Falls which is right near my house and the falls don’t take too long to get to so hey perfect 30 minute hike.
We brought the dogs along and had the trail all to ourselves. We hung out at the base of the falls and for the first bit the dogs kept running off so we were going to head back but then they stuck around us long enough for Braden to kneel down and propose! He said such sweet things (one of which focused on how we have had such a strong friendship and how we will always have that. Even if our relationship isn’t always perfect, we can count on loving each other) And maybe some other things but I was in tears as soon as I saw my ring!
We took a few quick shots before practically jogging back to our car since Braden had his 2nd day at his new job her couldn’t be late for!

Woops! All in all I couldn’t be more excited to start planning the wedding and planning I have been! Keep your eyes out for a Save the Date coming your way soon 🙂

Also for those of you who can’t get over my ring… I can’t either! He did an amazing job! He got it from a local diamond store in Provo called Wilson’s Diamonds where I admittedly have spent some time there drooling over rings with my cousin several times. And it came in this perfect teal (faux wood) looking box! Yellow gold band, vintagey feel, and a somewhat natural design… It’s perfectly me!

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