Next adventure (sorry I am SERIOUSLY behind) I finally got to hike Mt. Nebo with some of my amazing hiking friends! We went on a chilly Sunday morning in October after one of the first snows up in the mountains, My lovely hiking friends Katie and Thatcher were kind enough to pick me up so I didn’t have to drive the whole way by myself too cause boy it was QUITE the drive to get down there.

We started about 8:45. (we’d planned on 8 but NO ONE got there in time lol) and it was below freezing at the trailhead! Uh ya… glad I brought a thick coat. Some people bought there dogs which was great! I got to walk Olive (my friends’ dog ) for a while and it was comforting since I love hiking with my boys. We started off Mona Pole Rd. walking along the fence line at a height of over 9,000 feet already. (the North approach)

The hike itself is about 8 miles with an elevation gain of almost 4,000 feet from the trail head but since you go up and down a good couple of times, the net gain if much more. There are some seriously steep portions where this hike really threaten to make me want to turn around. Luckily I stuck it out. Most of our group stopped on the first peak which is just a tiny bit shorter than the final summit ( pic to the right) due to the snow and scary drop off ridge. Most of us had poles but not every one had micro spikes and I felt like I’d be willing to try this one again in the summer when it’s safer. The views were gorgeous and honestly I just love this view with the summit there behind us!

We made quick enough work of it as well. You can see in this picture that first peak is the one we ended up stopping on. It started warming up by the afternoon so we hiked up in snow and hiked back in well.. mostly mud. All in all though it was a great hike with great people! Having a large group and tons of people to chat with made the return journey fly! And I used hiking poles and man let me tell you… they saved me on this hike. I wasn’t even sore the next day! USE HIKING POLES WHEN YOU DO THIS HIKE!

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