And now to talk about… our Halloween! This year we choose a Star Wars theme in honor of the new movie coming out! SO we dressed up and I can’t even handle how adorable my dogs costumes turned out.

Monty was an Ewok. 🙂 Which I’ve always thought with his longer hair that he’s rather Ewok like and those ears just make it!

We carved our pumpkins a few weeks prior! I did the Boba Fett pumpkin and Braden did Darth Vader!

On actual Halloween, it fell on a Saturday so I had to work.. :/ but I went home for lunch in order to spend some time with these cute boys! Oh and I was Princess Leia if you couldn’t guess! That brown hood has buns on the side 🙂

My Ollie boy was Yoda and, a cute Yoda he makes 🙂

After work we headed up to Salt Lake to hang out with some friends at their party! It was a lot of fun and a lot less stressful then trying to pass out candy when your dogs can’t even handle a person walking by your house too loudly.

All in all another Great Halloween!

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