And last latest hike to talk about which was AMAZING…. Frary Peak on Antelope Island!

We went with a group of like 80 hikers! (which was a bit crazy) and it was a little chilly but overall not too bad. I’d only been to Antelope Island once before since it’s quite the drive but glad we went for this hike was definitely a keeper!

This hike isn’t too strenuous but it certainly wasn’t easy. It’s about 2,000 feet of elevation gain over 3.5 miles one way. And while it does have some refreshing flatter areas, I kinda felt like I was moving up hill the whole time and the last jaunt to the summit is VERY steep. I’d recommend poles just for that.

Part of my problem was probably that I was hiking with 80 other people and that honestly pushed me hard. I tried so hard to be at the front of the pack that I didn’t really get to enjoy it… So I recommend going with people you can enjoy this hike with.

The nice thing about this trails also is the mile markers! You encounter one about every half mile and that did help me going knowing how far I was. About a mile or so in you encounter this really cool Rock area. You actually go in and under them which makes it really feel like an adventure!

(also side note: check out those guys in the upper part of this picture… I think they were just passing eachother but from here it looks like they’re dueling up there!) haha

Like I said… I really enjoyed those rocks.. At the top we took a lunch break with everyone before finding out way back down… Now as I mentioned before the last bit to the summit SUCKKKSSS and we didn’t really want to go back down that way. So we chose the adventure way which is picking your way across the ridge back to the saddle. It probably takes the same amount of time and there really are a couple of questionable areas… I don’t recommend getting to the summit that way but coming back from it wasn’t too bad.

And after the hike our clan all headed over to this great place in Layton called Roosters Brewery. Since we were hiking on a Sunday it was great this place was open and the food was seriously heaven sent. I had a tasty burger but looking around at what other people were eating.. I became a little jealous. Supposedly the fish and chips are one of the best tasty things to get there.

So a word from the wise: do this when it’s a bit chilly and a bit windy to avoid the bugs (even in November they still were terrible) and bring hiking poles for the last summit bit unless you are a very steady person.

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