And now I can finally post about my cruise vacation! (thanks to the efforts of my mom and aunts for compiling all the pictures, as I didn’t want to post and miss any gems!) I took limited pictures since my mom took a million and feel like I’ve waited ages! We went on our girls trip cruise the second week of September and we left out of Cape Canaveral and traveled to Cozumel, Belize, the Isle Roatan (Honduras), and then Costa Maya in Mexico.

All of us (except Lisa) flew in the Friday night before and Lisa was amazing enough to taxi us all from the airport down to Cocoa Beach. We stayed in a hotel right on the beach but unfortunately didn’t get in till late.
Saturday we got up bright and early and were shuttled over to the cruise terminal by 9 in the morning. We had about a 2 hour wait once we checked in before we could get on but it was a pleasant wait and a very fast embarkation. 

We went up to the deck to hang out until our rooms were ready so we got lunch and chatted just enjoying the views. Oh and Lisa got started on her beer bucket which Jordan took a picture with ( just for laughs) 
 Our rooms were ready by like 1 and we were in our swimsuits ready to relax, get some sun, and start exploring the “fun” ship. 

We quickly determined that the place for us was at the bow of the ship right in front where it was a lot more quiet (by the pools they blast music) and a lot more peaceful with less people coming by. The chairs also had cushions which was also a nice bonus 🙂 
 We pretty much all 6 of us would start out in a row and after while break into the reading group, the sunbathing group, and the game group. I’d say 9/10 times there was a Gin Rummy game going on while we were out on the deck. 
 Here’s my Aunt Shelly, Jordan, and myself in our normal area at the bow before we set off… You can compare our more whiter selfs with the tan lovelies at the end of all these posts. 😛 

 And now let’s talk about the BEST part about cruisin… EATING! This was our fancy dinner table we had each night and our seating arrangement as well… not sure how it happened but we always ended up in the same seats. We had breakfast in the other dining room 50% of the time and out on the deck the other times. Lunch was always up on the Lido deck (typically pizza because it was just amazing!) and then dinner at our fancy table. SOOOOO delicious! We’d all get 1-2 starters, 1-2 entrees, and 1-2 desserts at dinner…. 

After dinner we got to… party! 2 of the nights we enjoyed some comedic relief at the comedy club! We sat at a table one of the nights and played cards in between performances. The comedians were great! Honestly some of my favorite performances! 

 Other nights we enjoyed the variety shows in the main auditorium. The first night we saw one it was… well a little scandalous so we didn’t go back for another one of those. But we did get to see a hypnotist who was fairly entertaining and on the last night the grand finale: they had cruisers practice all week and then dress up and perform a song like a celebrity. It was AmAzInG!
Another night we enjoyed some mini golf up by the tail or our cruise ship… Jordan was really excited she could got touch it so we had to capture that moment… 

I think we only played half the holes but it was a great time and we didn’t have to share the course with anyone which was pretty nice. 
Our first day on the cruise ship was a fun day at Sea and then we had one final day later on. For the majority of the day we laid out in the sun reading and relaxing which was heaven but then we also spent a fair amount of time eating…. To combat our heavy eating we took the stairs every. single. time. And let’s talk about that our rooms were… oh on floors 1 and 2 and typically we were hanging out on decks… 11 and 12. So ya that was a lot of stairs you had to do just to go change, switch out your book, or grab something you forgot. Whew! 

But in the long run I’d say it was worth it not to gain quite as much wait… oh and to eat that extra ice cream cone. Ya you know you have to when there’s a soft serve machine available 24/7. 

 Cruise ships also tend to have great entertainment during the day. Inside they’ve got bingo going on like all the time and tons of fun trivia games.

Outside on the lido deck they have dance offs and.. my personal favorite… the hairy chest competition! The first round is just based off how hairy the guy is typically, the second round was a dance off, the 3rd round was who had a better “woof” and the last round was who could round up items from ladies out on the deck and make the best woman. Honestly.. Its amazing. you’re just going to have to believe me.
 We watched some of the shoes on the deck and some of them.. from the pool! When you’re busy getting sun burned all day the pools feel amazing! The only downside is.. it is SALT water. Yes ocean water. But the good news is the showers are fresh water so I always just rinsed off when I got out of the pools so I wasn’t sticky. The slide was pretty fun too so all in all, great ways to cool off! 

To the right: We passed Cuba and were close enough to see it!

And now for the real gems: on our second night it was a fancy dinner night so we got all dolled up for some photos on the deck.

Our side of the table.

I tasted lobster for… the first time DUN DUN DUN. It was.. ok I think I’ll stick with shrimp though 🙂 
Of course the one thing you really look forward to when coming down after dinner: your towel animal! There were some great creations including elephants, dogs, sting rays, swans, and everyone’s favorite.. a monkey hanging from the ceiling! 
Jordan and I really like to stand out as tourists…

Lol those floaties we won at a deck party in a dance off! Ya you heard that right… along with those beads. And our adorable cups were supplied by my mom at the start of our trip and they worked wonders at keeping us hydrated… (well at least when I put water in mine… I’ll be honest I drank Arnold Palmers the majority of the time.) 

 The classic towel and robe picture with a twist… Sun glasses! We figured out that we are most photogenic with sun glasses on…. 

Ok I had to put this in here no matter how unflattering it is… On the last night my dessert was incredible, like SO SO good and everyone was standing up to get ready to go so I’m like ya ok and I got up… but then we were waiting for our servers to take pictures with so I snuck a few bites and they thought it was funny enough to grab a picture… but seriously that dessert was too good NOT to finish. 

Top: Our amazing waiters Clifford and German. They were real teasers the whole week but had amazing personalities and we had a blast…  I mean Clifford even wanted the honors of giving me my last mana from heaven bite! 
 Sorry these are a bit out of order… Here we are all lined up although Lisa got a bit hidden behind me.. her legs are in the picture at least! I was a seflie stick tourist in training when I took this one. 
 The view from our window. yes OUR window. I’ll never go back to an interior room. NEVER The porthole room was quite a bit bigger ( almost like a standard hotel room) and the window was actually a pretty good size as well! 
 The view from our window. yes OUR window. I’ll never go back to an interior room. NEVER The porthole room was quite a bit bigger ( almost like a standard hotel room) and the window was actually a pretty good size as well! 
And we each had our own little twin bed which was cozy and nice.I was coming off night shifts which was a little bit of a challenge, but after one night of crappy sleepy, I slept pretty well on after. 

Below are all of our “professionally taken” cruise photos that were bought an scanned in including a few embarkations/ disembarkation and photo back drops they had spread out during the evenings.  

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