And now for Day 2 of our fabulous cruise/ stop 1: Cozumel!
This was the only stop we didn’t plan an excursion for mostly because we wanted to save money and we knew we could just take a cheap taxi to a nearby beach. ( my mom has stopped off in Cozumel several times in our travel career)

So that is just what we did. We took our time getting off the boat (actually did a work out in the morning) and had a nice breakfast on the ship. Then we walked through the mile long liqueur/ cheap souvenir shop they herd you through at this cruise terminal, and headed straight for the taxis.

One of the cheapest fares and nicest beaches was Paradise Beach so there we went!

It only cost us 10 dollars to come to this beach and we got 10 worth of drinks and food included so really the beach was free! If you wanted you could pay extra to play on all those inflatables but we were fine just relaxing and hanging out.

We spent a nice little while beach side in lounge chairs or in the water or even taking cover for an afternoon rain. We got pina coladas which were unfortunately a little sad along with a couple other lunch items.

One thing we can admit to is this place had some seriously nice bathrooms! 10 is well worth it.

Here’s a couple shots of us in the cruise terminal shopping area. lol There’s always so many cheap souvenir shops and little restaurants it can really make for a fun environment.

We just had to capture some pictures with our ship in the background and with this wild nature display in the middle of the shops…  what can I say… we were tourists 😉

Here’s a look at our lovely lounge area beach side!

And fabulous waiter. He took great care of us and I love how he photo bombed Jordan’s an my photo…. I also love how those menus are so huge they hide our bathing suits!… nothing to see here 😛

Jordan and I were also hell bent on taking a good under water photo… Still not really sure we succeeded in that.

We did however really get to enjoy the pool that was included with the beach fare and as we were getting ready to head back to the ship… we really thought we ought to just have spent all our time at the pool. It was huge and amazing.. and not salt water! Which after the cruise pools and the beach was kind of refreshing.

To the right, check out that photo bomb!

I guess this underwater photo turned out alright…?

Above: Me and my lovely mama posing in front of the Paradise Beach sign.

To the left: Back at the cruise terminal the restaurants have all sorts of fun little photo op spots. I know there’s at least one more spot we got some good photo ops from a restaurant in!

Jordan and I taking advantage of another great view of our majestic ship in the background!

And also me getting more practice with my selfie stick… I was getting there…

Jordan and I with our like 5 dollar pina coladas that were really icees… and melted in less than 2 minutes if you didn’t drink them fast enough… Hey at least we got some pineapple on the side! Fancy!

Ah yes this one was a gem.. I kept trying to use the self timer on my camera with the selfie stick but we never knew how long to stay underwater to get the picture to take… The result? Really strange, just barely above water photos.

Luckily we got some cooler underwater photos in the pool. 🙂

Perfecting my selfie skills and getting us all in the shot with the sign. (They were doubting me too!)

And this one is for my coworkers. At work we like to sometimes say things in weird french accents and put “Le” in front of things… Soo When i saw “Le best” souvenir shop I just had to get my photo op!

Oh how I wish we could’ve swam in that bluer than blue water! Seriously the water where the cruise ships pull in is amazing! All in all stop 1 was a success!

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