And now to write about probably my other close favorite stop on the cruise: Mahogany Bay/ The Isle Roatan in Honduras. First of all this stop is mostly great if you are on Carnival cruise line and really just want a cheap easy beach day. Mahogany Bay itself was developed by Carnival to be a great beach stop for travelers, and great beach stop it was! Other great excursion options included boating, wildlife exploring, and snorkeling.
We went with the cheapest option.

For just 20 bucks a person for the entire day you got unlimited rides on this magical beach chair life, plus a beach chair (with cover if you wanted) snorkel gear and a float pad for out in the water. We made use of all those things!
One of my favorite parts about this area was just how accessible it was. After the 1.5 hour bus ride each way at Belize, it was fabulous to just get off the cruise ship and be at the beach.

The chair life was probably a 5 minute ride and went over some lush gardens and gave us great views of the bay itself. It was also really cool to look over and see our cruise ship just chilling over there!

Behind us you can see the typical port market. They had great souvenir shops and restaurants which we hurriedly made use of to get all our souvenirs before getting back on this ship.

Here’s some more cool views of the gardens and bay straight ahead.

Coming in for a landing…. Later on because one ride wasn’t enough we went for a full ride again and got scorched. It got soooo hot sitting up on those things so be warned.. if you go later in the day reapply your sunscreen and wear shorts before doing so.

Taking off on another ride but I switched partners for Jordan 😉

And back at the end. Gotta love my selfie stick lol

The cruise ship really was that close… First thing first we grabbed our snorkeling gear and hit the beach, It was pretty clear water but not exactly teeming with fish. We finally got lucky and found a pretty huge coral piece where we saw more fish.. but it was still pretty bare but fun for an inexpensive activity. We saw plenty of fish like the one to the right and tons of little purple minnow sized fish!

We also grabbed our float pads and just enjoyed swimming out in the water. i’ll tell you what the weather was perfect! The sun was shining the whole day and it was just hot enough that the water felt AHmazing. I think I actually spent the majority of time out in the water snorkeling, swimming, or floating.

ok so we also took A LOT of pictures while we were out there. There’s a couple real gems including the always necessary “butt” picture. we all just thought it was so cool how close we were swimming to the ship too.  I mean it’s RIGHT there!!! Not many cruise ports do you get to experience this!

Our little swimming area was marked off so we didn’t get out in the way of ships or boats like catamarans. It was pretty convenient for orienting ourselves for pictures.

Looking back at the beach from whence we started. It was a pretty big area and although a lot of reviews said it was stupid crowded for them, it wasn’t really bad for us at all!

Also good news: if you just wanted a free day you could come swim down at the beach for free! You wouldn’t get the snorkel equipment and not sure if they had beach chairs that weren’t reserved but hey just take the awesome nature paths instead of the flying beach chairs and you have one perfect free beach to explore!

In fact, instead of taking the flying beach chairs back we explored the garden trails and they were pretty cool! They were teeming with iguanas, cool views of the bay, benches, and even a couple swings!

Now as great of a day as it was… I only applied sunscreen once or twice… and still got fried! I always forget to reapply until it’s too late and boy… I was red. The best part was since I was out in the water most of the time it was the parts of my skin that was exposed out of the water.. like my forearms on the raft I was pushing around.. or the back of my legs… lol DON’T FORGET TO REAPPLY OFTEN. lesson learned… for this year at least.

Back at the shops they had a Fat Tuesdays with all these big feet and props! We each got a photo with big feet as there were just enough. I was a buccaneer!

Oh and we may have had a HUGEEE Pina colada from fat tuesdays while lazying around on the beach. They were prob the best pina coladas EVER. which topped off one amazing day!

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