Well… I failed again at keeping this thing updated,but never fear I’m about to embark on numerous blog posts to get you all caught up.
Where did I leave off? Sometime in November/ December I believe?

Picture to the left: my sweet heart Braden hanging Christmas lights up on the house!! I was soooo stoked to get them up there and we had to do it early before it started to snow 🙂

Also while enjoying the early warm winter days, my good friend katie and I hiked up Grove Creek Canyon near my house in Pleasant Grove. It’s a steep hike and winds up a cliff face which I LOVE! Excellent work out, even better views, oh and hey one day I’ll do the full loop and hike a little extra to come down battle creek! That will be an adventure! We only hiked until we hit the snow which was about the top of the waterfall. In the pic just above you can see our adorable dogs posing on the trail. I just love Ollie’s little head tilt here!

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