And here’s another post about pre-winter days when it was still warm and glorious Fall/Winter. I recently discovered the series of mountain biking trails/ dirt road that connects Battle Creek to Grove Creek Canyon and its now one of my FAV walks!

It’s probably around 2 miles both ways with a couple hills to keep things interesting. The best part for me is that most of the time I’ve gone, it’s been empty so I could let the dogs run free (like a normal walk) without actually have to do a “kill yourself” steep hike like everything else near my house. lol It’s nice when you just need a rest day and hey, the views from up there are still pretty spectacular!

The boys just love it! and I love how close and easy it is to do. 😀 It does get quite muddy though so be forewarned about that if you ever have a hankering to try it.

(this is actually at the base of Grove Creek Canyon but I discovered it while exploring this trail so it gets included in this post. I loveee streams!)

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