Just a quick post about Christmas! Because pretty sure I promised to show off some of my decorations. I went pretty far out since… I love decorating and Christmas! lol A lot is actually the same from our previous apartment, but some is new!
The tree and stuff hanging on the wall is all old but I love how easily I could swap out the beach gallery art for my christmas wreaths! Plus I topped off my formal living room with some new throw pillows and the glorious wreath that I wound up my front stairs!

To the right: the glorious wreath I did myself! ( picture doesn’t really give it true justice) I ended up buying just a normal green plain wreath and added the poinsettias, berries, ornaments, pine cones, etc… lot’s of things to spice it up and I love how it turned out! (1 hour in Hobby Lobby WELL spent)

Also changed out my table setting. The antler was actually there for the fall decor but I decided to keep it on for Christmas along with my new Reindeer burlap table runner and red reindeer!

Also how could I NOT give my boys their very own Christmas tree?! This little tree was actually left in the garage from the previous owner and wasn’t in amazing shape… It’s probably a 3.5 foot tree and is missing on of the support feet (Kinda leaning on the corner wall there) but it worked perfectly for hanging some of my boys ornaments! Plus it added some Christmas lights to my other living room!

I also aquired this adorable Good wishes sign and the Santa statue (he has a baby reindeer standing next to him that isn’t visible but super cute!) The other little reindeer statue I had before.

Above is the general view of my “shelf” of decor. I’ve got a little “Noel” sign next to my statue of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus (which is my tribute to a nativity since I have yet to find one I really like and can afford) Then next to that is my poinsettas and Christmas countdown blocks. I already talked about the corner, but under the other window is my snowman music box (plays we wish you a Merry Christmas) my Ho,Ho,Ho jingle sign, and some Christmas words in the shape of a tree on the tile) Then I’ve got my “remote holder box” which was actually a gift box for Kneaders but has Christmas lingo all over it and I loved it!

To the left: is my new fireplace entertainment center which I LOVE! It’s also a space heater which I so needed in this chilly basement. Then I’ve got our family stockings hung in front of course!

And to top off this Christmas post, here’s a picture of a picture.  We decided to torture my dogs by taking them to meet Santa. I actually thought it would be a lot of fun but they were pretty wary of him.. Hence Braden and I ended up in the picture (weren’t really planning on it lol) to hold Ollie in it… That’s seriously as close as I could get him to Santa and just look at Monty’s face… so concerned lol. Anyways I still love the picture and framed it for the Dog’s Christmas corner. It was a perfect way to support the Humane Society (only $25 and you get the 8X10 print included!) Next year we may try a Christmas card picture without Santa… lol

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