Moving right along with my next post! For Christmas, Braden and I gifted each other (along with a couple other things) snowshoes! I’ve just always felt that winter was so long and dreary and I never could enjoy it since I’d just be waiting all season for Summer so I can hike again! Solution? Hike in winter… with snowshoes!

For our first adventure, we headed up to Stewart Falls with some friends and our puppy dogs!

The snow was crazy deep but luckily some of the trail had been packed down! (The trail was deeper than Ollie is tall!) and if you went off trail, even with snowshoes we were up to our waist! Crazy! It was gorgeous and actually not too cold since you’re working hard to move around!

The frozen falls were beautiful! We didn’t make it quite all the way since our puppies kept licking their paws and seemed uncomfortable so we snapped some photos from afar and turned back! All in all we barely saw anyone else on the trail and the beautiful white solitude was just magnificent!

With the other winter hikes we went on, I never noticed Ollie’s paws bothering him but I guess with how high up we were it was a little colder. He still did great though! (We did leave Monty at home since I didn’t know there was a packed trail for him to be on and I knew the snow would be much too deep for him!)

It was so fun being out with our friends exploring and trying something new!
Just check out some of those gorgeous evergreens frosted with snow!

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