Recognize this spot?! Yep I posted about it like 2 days ago with the beautiful Fall leaves and now… covered in snow!

I bought snow boots and when I saw how beautiful the mountains looked from my house, I knew it was finally my time to go explore the Winter Wonderland!
(Sorry, this post actually precedes Christmas and snowshoeing chronologically…)

Sorry, photo over load, but the best part of going hiking on this go around was seeing how much the boys loved it! We had the trail completely to ourselves and all in all, it wasn’t too cold of a day! I loved seeing them both run around and Monty had the snow sticking to him which just made him the cutest snow bunny in my book!

We hiked around the little park area and headed up to Battle Creek Falls to check out how frozen they were! We weren’t disappointed by one bit of this trail!

The base of the waterfall had started to grow into a little bowl but it’s not nearly the size of what it would become in the the following months of January and February!

By now, I’ve probably done this hike in the winter at least 5 times with different friends and the mound at the bottom of the water fall got bigger and bigger each time! I absolutely love this hike every season of the year! Such a blessing to live so close to it 🙂

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