Quick little New Year’s Eve post. I actually had to work New Years Eve and New Years day so I didn’t quite make it to midnight but we still had a great night! We had a relaxing dinner and dessert, watched some movies, and for a brief couple of minutes, we ran out on my back deck to play with sparklers!

And by play, of course I mean pretend I’m a wizard casting spells with my wand.

We also wrote out our New Years Resolutions which of course I’ve already failed a nice chunk of them. Some of mine included:
1. Hike or run at least 15 miles per week. Considering I’ve been on graves, it’s cold outside, and my knee was hurting too much to actually run, this turned more into using the elliptical machine and doing more like 12 miles per week. But Hey maybe I’ll get there now that the weather is warming up!
2. Eat healthier (especially concerning fruits and vegetables) again a failure as the majority of the time I had an apple a day and sometimes through carrots or a banana into the mix. But hey maybe I’ll start this again now that I’m back on day shift?! … Probably won’t get much better though.
3. Started the 52 hike challenge which I am actually pretty excited about! So far I’m only at like 9 (which I think I forgot to record a couple to be honest) but again as the weather warms up, the days are longer, and I have a normal schedule again, I think this goal is definitely achievable! Read about the challenge here: http://www.52hikechallenge.com/

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