Ok so this post is kind of just a hodge podge of my life on grave shifts.
Above photo is the what I claimed as my 1st hike of the 52 and I went with my good friend Mya and her dogs! It was actively snowing and the best part was, since we both wore snow pants, we actually slid down most of the trail on our bottoms! It was a blast!
To the left: Ollie passed out after the adventure. He sure loves cuddling with (on) Braden.

To the right: Just about every night that I’m home on my night’s off, I usually stay up till around 4 in the morning so I’m in between shifts and Monty cuddles like this with me on the couch. I sit on my computer with the tv on, and he climbs in between me and the couch! What a snuggle bug!

Below: How Ollie copes with the grave shifts… he sleeps in “his” chair. Such sweet kids!

And because how could I not post photos of the progress at Battle Creek Falls, here is a photo from probably a month later (hike 2) with another gal pal! The mound was even bigger and this cool cave was carved out of the front!

Although you can’t see me in the picture above, I’m actually standing behind Ollie. There was runing water through there, so luckily I had my water proof snow boots on but it was a really neat snow cave!

And of course we climbed up on the glaciel mound and Ollie came running to join us!

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