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So ya I’ve been wanting to go to the Ice Castles pretty much since I moved to Utah, but like most Winter things… I just never got around to it until it was like Spring… not not possible anymore.
So when my girl friend asked me if Braden and I wanted to join her on a week night (less busy and MUCH cheaper) I jumped right on the band wagon!

They had a couple really cool running fountains (the one at the top and the one to the right) All in all I’d say the castle felt more like an ice canyon and the fountain to the right reminded me of a picturesque water fall, but castle works too! It started off not too cold but as the sun set and things started to chill, we helped ourselves to some hot chocolate at the cute little stand inside the ice castle. They had cinnamon rolls and other snacks and the prices were really actually decent which made the hot chocolate all the more sweet!

Then it was off to explore! We circled the place.. probably more than once or twice and one of the coolest parts was “the ice slot canyons” it wasn’t too tight of a squeeze but it was tight enough that there were some pretty massive icicles hanging above you.. I didn’t stay too long in there. lol

Braden doomed to hold 2 cups of hot chocolate every 2 seconds while I took pictures… I mean I drank it pretty fast… so it wasn’t that long of torture. He made a great model!

This is kind of the main “courtyard” with the fountain and to the right is where you can go through the smaller “canyons”

The absolute BEST part to me was the slide. You went up this slight ramp, through a tunnel, and the line had you standing ON TOP of the ice castles. (photo below was taken from the top) It wasn’t terribly high but it did give you a cool view of the area. I didn’t even know I was in line for the slide.. lol I just wanted to go up on top but the slide was way fast and wicked fun! Such a cool addition to the ice castles!

Well inevitably after walking around in what is

chunks of ice (not snow.. ice) our feet were FREEZING, so we did the slide and headed out.
And this my friends is where, after 23.5 years or life and about 8 years of driving… I hit my very first deer.
It. Was. Traumatizing friends. I mean there Braden and I were in my little Nissan Versa headed down Provo Canyon, both actually wondering what it would be like to hit a deer (some weird premonition we both most have had) and all of the sudden there he is! This big deer in the middle of the freeway. Now I had been definitely going the speed limit (again.. premonition) so I had a line of cars backed up behind me and even though I saw him, all I could do is slow and hope he’d stay in the median area or make it to the other side… He ALMOST made it. Luckily I’d slowed enough I only clipped his back legs and he bounced right off and kept on going I’m guessing. (Hoping)(telling myself) and little damage was done to my car besides the bumper slightly dented and a few little deer hairs in the grill (but no guts… so I was relieved)

I can’t believe it finally happened to me but we were ok, deer was probably ok, and hey the ice castles were cool! That’s the take away I guess.

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