Let’s get you caught up on another triad of random happenings this winter.

The new Provo City Center Temple had it’s open house and I had the immense please of going twice! First I went with Braden and my mind was blown! It is absolutely gorgeous inside! I mean really classy and well done.
The second time I took my gal pal Katie (same one from the Ice Castles and half my other posts) and again had a splendid time. We capped that visit off with breaskfast at Kneaders so I could give her the full Utah morning routine while she’s out here… she needed to experience it at least once.

And for me.. I need to experience skiing in Utah… at least once. Well gear up friends for yet another. traumatizing. tale.

I got Snow bird lift tickets for Braden and I for extraordinary good behavior at work and we were both so excited!

Even though I’ve been working graves, I woke up early, Braden took a half day at work, and we headed up the mountain by noon. We stopped in and had to buy goggles and get my rental gear (luckily Braden had skiis already) but other than that it was smooth sailing. We dropped the car off with valet (another work perk) and headed down to the lockers where we have a specific IM Flash locker with the lift tickets inside.
Found the locker,
checked my e-mail,
no effing combination. AH! Soo….. we couldn’t get our lift tickets. No worries, I’ll just call the flash HR and talk to the person and get the tickets.

The ONE person who knew.. wasn’t at her desk at all but no one knew when she’d be back so boy we held out hope. (It was noon afterall she was prob just at lunch)
3 hours we waited.
3 hours I spent despairing about having paid so much money on rentals and skii goggles and wouldn’t even get to ski!

We tried to stay positive though. We had a nice lunch at the cafe while we waited. And I strapped the skis to my feet briefly and waddled around the outdoor area just trying to get used to them and get that part over with for when she called back.

No call, so at 3 (when we would’ve only had like an hour and half to ski, we gave up and packed up to go)

But the drama doesn’t end there does it? NOOO as Im getting the car from valet, someone straight up walks off with me skis! So there I am, an exhausted, emotionally distressed girl dreading having to BUY skis that I didn’t even get to use. Complete break down.
So anyways horrible day trying to ski even though conditions were just about perfect! I mean the place was empty, we would’ve had no lines!

On to a happier topic,
This year on Valentine’s Day was Braden’s and my 2nd official anniversary. (of exclusively dating not of friendship.. already posted about that one)
I usually like to do something special so for breakfast I tried out this AHmazing recipe for Orange, Cranberry rolls. I’m seriously not even kidding they were as delicious as orange roll can possibly be and I made them! My first rolled rolls ever! 😀 Just look at them, they turned out fantastic!
(If you want the recipe, which trust me… you do, go to visit smitten kitchen at http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2013/11/cranberry-orange-breakfast-buns/ )

I also got this oh so sweet potted plants from Braden. We’ve started the tradition of plants instead of flowers since succulents are just as pretty, live a million times longer, and I just love having a little collection on my kitchen window sill to remind me of how much my man loves me while I wash his bloody dishes. lol
Ohh and check out that stunning engagement ring I couldn’t resist putting in the photo to show off!

And I capped off the day by making one of my favorite desserts: Chocolate bombs. It’s chocolate cake, with chocolate pudding, chocolate pudding whipped with whipped cream into a kind of mouse, and then homemade whipped cream for the top layer. Then I just melted some chocolate chips in a zip lock and made hearts and X’s and O’s. Awww just a fancy baker am I!

So all in all, I’ve survived winter but HELLLLOOOOO Spring!
Also for those of you wondering… The ski shop gave me a week for the skis to turn up which they did 3 days later when the bloke who walked off with them tried to return them at a different ski shop. Hellooo They have my name on it! (whatever they all look the same) so drama concluded and it only cost me about 60 bucks, 5 hours of stress (which induced at least an hour of tears), and a wish to probably never ski again.

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