Let’s talk about one of my new favorite hikes! Diamond Fork Hot Springs in Spanish Fork. (now that I’m about to go again tomorrow night lol)

My friend over at Katiewanders.com and I went a week before the road opened hoping to have the place less busy and to catch the hot springs while it was still chilly! And we chose a gorgeous day to do it!

When the road is closed, it’s about 13 miles RT to the springs which made for a pretty long day but I have to say I’m grateful we did it this way. The road is gorgeous and hiking along that was honestly one of my favorite parts (of course until the way back that is..)

The dogs ran free in the wide open space where we didn’t have to worry about cars coming and could keep an eye on them.. and we really did have it pretty much to ourselves on the way there! Plus there’s this cool little pit stop area (pitured below) where the bathrooms were already open and the scenery was so different! Awesome!

We were in and our of shade/ sun which made this a great light jacket kind of day! We couldn’t wait to get to the hot springs and take a dip!

Eventually we got to the trail and friends just a heads up… at the parking area, DO NOT take the first bridge to the right (not sure where that trail leads) you have to continue straight for a bit and then you find this picturesque bridge 🙂

.. Luckily we realized this not to long after veering off so barely added any distance to out already pretty long day.
There was still some snow up there (none on the road) but it was pretty much only in the shaded tree lined trail parts and not deep at all! It was perfect!

The first sign we were nearing the hot pools! This little part of the creek was steaming and we were getting sooo excited at this point! (Not saying the gorgeous scenery above wasn’t keeping us happy cause it was… but come on a soak was needed after 6.5 miles)

The road was basically flat the whole time and the trail ha a little ups and downs, narrow at times and wider at others, but overall nothing had me breaking a sweat or breathing too heavy. I can definitely see the idea of coming when the road is open when you have a short hike to the falls and carry a bit extra weight in drinks/ a picnic!

The water was every bit as beautiful as we hoped! (unfortunately the 2 nude guys barely cropped out of this photo were not what we hoped lol) So we didn’t sit in any of the very blue water but headed up closer to the waterfall where we could have space to ourselves!

Monty wouldn’t TOUCH the water (prob due to the smell) but Ollie and Katie’s dog Olive hopped right in with us no problem. I think Ollie actually quite enjoyed the soothing warm water.

Also after this photo was taken I’m swearing off strapless bathing suits forever lol. After making so much fun of the nudists that actually bathe here, this photo looks like I joined them! (dont worry I definitely DID NOT) haha but still.. never again

I also learned on this hike to QUIT breaking in new hiking boots on long hikes. (I had massive blisters all over my toes and feet on the way back.. which is why that was not quite as enjoyable as foretold at top of post.) lol

All in all definitely glad I finally got to do it, especially with my amazing adventure friend Katie before she moved back east! And I can’t wait to do it again! 

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