Day 11: It was another up and early day for us as we were going to try for the 2nd waterfall National Park in Croatia: Krka. Luckily this time we only had about a 40 minute drive so we got there 30 minutes after it opened and before the mass crowds arrived.  We parked a little ways a way and then walked through the small town called Skradin which is the main entrance to the park. 

There was a very small line to buy our tickets and then we hopped on a ferry to the main part of the park. It was about a 40 minute boat ride but soo beautiful! There were swans everywhere and the sun was out! And we even had a nice spot by a window to look out.

Us on the ferry boat to the Main Krka falls: Skradinski Buk
The other ferry boat (1st of the day) passing us to go get another boat load! 
Peaceful and quiet river! 
Then we were there! The main set of waterfalls really was just stunning and every bit as beautiful as I knew it would be. We could see the park was starting to fill up a bit so we went ahead and did the walk around first exploring all that we could of this part of the park. There were multiple little boardwalks around smaller falls and the main large falls cascaded multiple times so it was fun getting to see it from all the different angles.
The next level up above where we just were.
And again, another level up! These waterfalls went on quite a ways! 

Looking down length-wise of some of the falls 

The upper level near the mill you could go in for a short history or water power plants. 

Coming down the other side from where we went up. You can see the original bridge we crossed and posed for a photo on. 

 After the walk we were nice and warmed up for a swim! Yes you can swim in these waterfalls! Another big reason I really wanted to go here. Braden thought the water was a little too cold but I thought it felt perfect! I swam around and took a million photos of the same spot. Classic for the whole trip lol. And after a bit of that I hopped out and we got right back on the boat to head for some lunch. We didn’t stay too long in the park, but for the area that we saw specifically it was a perfect amount of time.
 Braden safe guarding the purse

 The water was so clear! Here’s my feet sporting my favorite water shoes ever: Merrells.

Back in Skradin we grabbed a quick lunch at a café (ham and cheese sandwiches) before hopping back on the road for another hour to Split. This park is basically proof though that fairy-tale places due exist. Even though I was sad to miss Plitvice Lakes, Krka was a real gem and an amazing swimming hole. 

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